December 9, 2013

A day on Apple Hill

As much as I adore the nearly ever present sunshine and warmth in San Diego, it tends to really just put a dapper on the whole atmosphere of the holiday season. Is it really fall, nearly winter, if I can still wear sandals? Not really. With this ever present "#socalproblem", I really appreciate going home to enjoy some actual seasons.

After a properly crisp Thanksgiving, I rounded out the end of fall with a trip with the fam-bam to Apple Hill. Located in Northern California, near Placerville, Apple Hill attracts a wide variety of hungry guests looking for some wholesome fun. Being honest, we all know I was basically just in it for the food. However, I also got a pretty good kick of stomping on some crunchy leaves and enjoying the cool crisp air of fall. 

The whole Apple Hill "process" essentially consists of driving from farm to farm and eating various products, mostly apple flavored (they were really clever with the title). There are various farms (some small some large) each offering there own specialty. 

We started with one of the largest, known as Boa Vista Orchards, which, though they have a whole smorgasbord of items, is not my favorite. It tends to be a little over crowded (I really hate queuing) and more commercial then I enjoy. Nevertheless, here's a little peek at the marketplace. 

After a brief stop there, we quickly moved on to Abel Acres. This farm is pretty great because though it's not super small, it's a bit more homey and has more to do, like shopping booths and fun for the kids. They also have some pretty gosh-dang-ridiculously-good caramel apples. Jewel and I opted for an Apple Pie Carmel Apple (insert T.B.O. here). 

Onward and outward kiddies, we were on our way to my Mama's personal favorite Rainbow Orchards

The best thing about Rainbow Orchards? Four words: Hot Apple Cider Donuts (or as Jewel and I prefer to call them, roundellos). Think of them as the Donut Muffin's distant northern cousin. Pair it with some really delicious fresh apple cider and you'll be one happy camper. (Are you guys hungry yet? I know I am!)

After sufficiently stuffing out faces, we went to hang out with some furry friends at Denver Dan's

For the upcoming Christmas season Apple Hill also has several Christmas tree farms. And though we did not get a tree till elsewhere later in the evening, we enjoyed frolicking around McGee Christmas Tree Farm

Lastly we visited what is probably the largest farm on the hill: High Hill Ranch. High Hill has a little bit of everything; there are merchant booths, food, recreation, and even a pond full of fishies. Jewel and I loved it mainly because it was the only stop of the day that offered us a good cuppa coffee, which is pretty essential for our basic existence.

Apple Hill is a really good day trip if you're looking for a day of family fun. And if you want to eat a whole truckload of food (obviously I recommend this) it is definitely the spot to go. The season ranges generally from September to December. Each farm is under its own ownership, so some do not remain open all the way to December. If you would like to plan your own trip I recommend taking a gander at this here handy dandy list of the farms and their schedules. 

Now go forth and eat! 

Yours, Kenna 

P.S. If any of you Northern Californians want to send some snow down to San Diego, feel free! Pretty, pretty please! 

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