Meet Me

Who is this silly girl with a blog? Well now, that would be me, Kenna. 

I'm a California-girl who recently graduated from San Diego State University. 

I have great friends and a great family, both of which I like to spend a lot of time with. I love the ocean and spending plenty of time on the coast. I love the city, but I also grew up in the country, making me highly affectionate of the outdoors. And climbing trees, I tend to do that a lot. 

I have always loved learning, and am a pretty big nerd. I majored in the Humanities so I spent a lot of time studying different cultures, so many of which I hope to get to experience one day. Adventuring is my personal favorite past time, and what better way to find adventure than to travel? 

When I can't get out of the house to go on an actual adventure, I am more than happy to open a book and fall into one. Reading is, in my opinion, its own form of travel; I've had many an adventure without ever stepping foot out the door. 
Along with reading and traveling, I am an enthusiastic cooker, baker, scrap-booker, and completely amateur photographer. I also love the less crafty activities of shopping, online shopping, window shopping, catalog shopping, and basically anything clothes/shoe related. 

I started this blog a few years ago when I had a little too much time on my hands and was tired of only using my passion for writing on academic essays. I didn't have clue what I was doing when I started and am still just kind of winging it. What I have learned since I began this blog is the truth in a quote by Anais Nin: 

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect"

My memories have become all the more precious to me by being archived in this blog. While writing I often grasps elements of an experience I missed in the moment. Moreover, posting allows me to share these happenings and thoughts with others, giving them yet another dimension. I follow several other blogs, because it really is fun to fall into someone else's life for a minute or two. Everyone experiences such different things, and we can read about those experiences from all over the world. Even those who have similar experiences have different perspectives, and that is what I think makes blogs so interesting. A little piece of someone is just floating out in the internet, waiting to be found and appreciated. 

That's what this is, a little piece of me. 

Enjoy. xoxo 


  1. Hi Kenna,

    I've seen your profil even on CouchSurfing, and I think this could be interesting for you..:



    1. Ha! Eugenio this is great! Bologna is one of the few places in Italy I alway planned on going and missed! Which is a crime for a girl who loves to eat, but it gives me a good excuse to go back!


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