July 10, 2013

Welcome to Oregon

Some things on earth just have a perfect, unforgettable smell. The kind of scent that immediately makes you dreamy and nostalgic. Amongst these divine scents, you may know, are a hot summer nights, christmas trees, your best friends house (everyone has their own distinct smell), and the Oregon coast. 

Ohhh, the Oregon coast. It's like breathing in fresh oxygen, salty sea, and memories. Thousands upon thousands of majestic pine trees explain the fresh, crisp air. The nearby Pacific gives you that salty harbor feel. But the memories? Well breathing in those babies stems from summers spent with the family exploring the beautiful coastline.

It's been over 7 years since we had ventured to our northern coast, but stepping out of the car into the familiar area, it was like nothing had changed. The view and landscape stretched out before us and my sister and I were immediately off exploring the dense forest with great enthusiasm.  

So dang excited to explore! 

We spent the evening after our long car ride unpacking and reminiscing. However, when day two of our trip rolled around, it was time for more driving! Off to Eugene we went, for the real basis of our trip: to visit grammy! 

Eugene does not quite hold the natural luster and delight of the coast, but was interesting none-the-less and Jewel(the peppy blonde sister figure depicted above) and I found our share of fun. 

Little Miss Piano Skills 

Mama also with the skills (I lack their musical capabilities)

General frolicking through WalMart, obviously necessary. 

Time for a walk
Strolling along <3 

Too much fun (goofing around) = someone getting smacked in the face 

My lovely grandparents posed for a photo

Before long our two days in Eugene were up and it was back to the coast. Not, however, without a few pit-stops along the way.

Now, who knew Oregon had elk? I risk stereotyping myself as a dumb blonde, but I, for one, did not. But they do! There is a very large Elk Sanctuary in between Eugene and Coos Bay. If your driving through you definitely want to stop because how often do you get to see giant wild elk chillin' in a field? 

I must say "wild" is a term to be loosely used, this boy was not to afraid of onlookers. I would go as far as to say that he may just have been posing for the camera.

The elk pit-stop was great. It was, however, slightly overshadowed by the pie-pit-stop we made at a little hole in the wall called Don's Main Street Restaurant and Pie Shop. Who needs dinner when you can have pie? And who needs one piece of pie when you can have three?! "Love me some pie!" 

Coconut Cream, Chocolate Swirl Mouse, and Banana Cream (Tie between Coconut and Banana in deliciousness)

The pie was not the last of our Oregon adventures, but I took a million-too-many photos for one post, so more of the fun later!

Yours, Kenna 

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