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In the era of the blogosphere, you can find a blog to read on nearly anything you could think of. Which is great, it makes us all feel a little less like weirdos in the world. Or, at least, like weirdos in a world full of similarly minded weirdos. Reading other blogs is a great way to get to know the world and how other people see it. Blogs can be escapist outlets (for both the reader and writer), comic relief, or inspiration. 

In any case, I love that the new millenium allows us to internet stalk to our hearts desire. So here's a list of some of my favorite blogs out there in cyberspace that I think ya'll might also enjoy: 

Based in London (*shocker*), Rosie basically lives our dream life. She travels, has a prada bag, and eats some of the best food porn I've ever seen. However, no matter how much you lust after her Loubies, you just can't hate her because she's one of the most down to earth bloggers around. Always genuine in her posts and full of great tips for her readers. Plus, she's great about regularly posting, which is a bonus for us internet junkies. 

Now there may be some biased on this one, considering the writer is my younger sister. That said, her blog is still fantastic. Full of her ever hilarious personality, I LOL every time she posts. Her voice is her own and she writes as if she's right there having a conversation with you, or a conversation with Olan Rodgers, either way, it makes for some great posts. 

Great fashion. Sarcasm for days. A love of cats. The awkwardest potato on the block. What more could you ask for? 

You love her, you hate her. If I could trade closets with anyone on the planet it would be Blair of Atlantic-Pacific. She is the goddess of pouffy skirts, Chanel, and class. I recommend following her, but warn you that tears will be shed as your jealousy over her wardrobe escalates daily. 

It took me awhile to get used to Nirrimi when I first discovered her blog. She's a very unique person, who lives her life far different than I could ever imagine living. However, the way she captures herself, her beautiful family, and life through her words and photos is mellowing. It takes you far away from the life which most of us live daily. 

This homegirl basically stole what should be my blog name, but her content is pretty great so I'll forgive her. I love her adventurous nature and for those of you (us) looking to travel the world like a bunch of nomads, she's full of inspiration. 

A San Diego girl like myself, Tammy does an excellent job of representing Cali and happiness.

-All photos stolen from the above mentioned blogs-

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