September 26, 2013


Now, I was lucky enough to grow up in a household that was always very appreciative of Birthdays. Therefore, I won't even deny it, I kinda totally love my Birthday; but to be fair, I don't just love my Birthday, I love all Birthdays! They're just so fun! You can have a party! And cake! And presents! All jolly good fun. 

As you get older, however, your Birthday changes. You start to resent getting older (or so I hear, I'm still game to get a little older!), you don't get a piñata, and sticking your fingers in the cake is frowned upon. If you're like me though, you'll continue to act like a little kid whether or not you're turning 5 or 20. There may have been some finger-licking-frosting-stealing behavior...

I know, I'm cute. 

Also, when you get older, if you don't spend your Birthday with your family, you are not really entitled to act like a Birthday-brat. (It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!) Luckily, I remedied that by spending the weekend with my big sis, who let's be real, unnecessarily spoils me rotten; which is exactly what she did on my birthday weekend. 

The line-up: Solvang, Madonna Inn, and Hearst Castle.

We spent the weekend galavanting around, eating a ton, taking a thousand pictures, and having a blast. I couldn't be more grateful to the amazing weekend my sis threw me, with the assistance of other family members, of course. 

If only I had my new toy from my parents for the trip, it would have been perfect. But, oh well! I'm sure this bad boy will get pleeenty of use in the future. 

My sweet baby canon held on for another weekend. Thank goodness, because the scenery at every location was just stunning! 

First up: Velkommen til Solvang! Solvang is this quirky little danish town right in the Santa Ynez Valley. Founded by Danish teachers in the early 1900s, driving into this funky little town is akin to walking into Fantasyland at Disneyland. The buildings are all darling and resemble little hobbit homes, there are horse drawn carriages going down the street, and danish pastry shops on every corner.  

Hans Christian Andersen: A famous danish fairytale writer. 

Obviously, this is a giant clog.

Now, before continuing, I have to say a little anecdote about a certain danish pastry: the Æbleskiver. The æbleskiver is essentially a spherical pancake. But better. So so so much better. Add some jam and some powdered sugar to these babies and BAM: delicious to the point of over-consumption.

I know about these odd, odd pastries, because for as long as I can remember, on special occasions (ie. Birthdays, Easter, etc.), my Dad would whip up a batch. Obviously this fact makes me partial to there being only one right way to make a 'skiver. Unfortunately the people of Solvang have there own way...and I'm not saying they were bad, because they weren't. They just weren't Sunday-morning-breakfast-with-the-fam-I-want-to-eat-23-of-them-even-if-I-feel-ill-afterwards good. But, in any case, here's a look-see (Mr. Bee enjoyed them): 

After we left the pretend-Denmark land, it was off to the Madonna Inn! 

A little history about the Madonna Inn: it was originally constructed in 1958, in San Luis Obispo, by Alex and Phyllis Madonna, with just twelve rooms. Over time the hotel has expanded to 110 rooms, each with it's own unique style or theme. The rest of the hotel is designed with various eccentric decor and antiques. As well as lodging, the hotel offers a spa, pool, two restaurants, wine cellar, and tennis courts. 

(Don't judge: apparently it's famous!)

Upon check in, we received the keys to the "Old Western" room. Which was quirky and a little creepy, just the way I like it. 

Here's that creepiness I was talking about. 

Yup, the hotel had a boday. 

We partied aka giggled the night away and woke up the next morning to being a day older, but only just getting started on the ol' Birthday weekend. If you would like to see the stunning spectacular that is Hearst Castle, tune in next blog! I'll try to bust it out sooner, rather than later. 

In the meantime, let me know what your favorite Birthday tradition is! My choice: eating the frosting off the cake (it's an oldy, but goody).

Yours, Kenna 

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