September 18, 2014

Gaudi's Barcelona

Initially we had high expectations for our third day in Barcelona, however, after quite a night the day before, we didn't exactly rally bright and early as planned. 

Rising late we formed a game plan for the next two days: basically see everything Gaudí

We began with the Casa Batlló. Mosaic-ed in opulent pastel tiles, the whole building looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. 

It's impossible to look at the curvy railings without seeing peculiar skulls musing down at the gaping tourists.  

As we (slowly) continued our journey towards more Gaudí, we saw various other architectural feats. 

This one particularly reminded me of Rapunzel's tower

However, it was a later building on the slope towards Parc Güell that I had my actual Rapunzel moment, as Prince Lindsey called for me to let down my hair. 

It's not a proper outing without a Princess Kenna moment. 

"Lindsey, Lindsey, wherefore art thou best friend, Lindsey?" 

After a lot of silliness, and a few sits (it was a struggle day) we finally made it to the famed Parc. 

Gaudí built Parc Güell in the early 1900's, when Barcelona was on the rise as cosmopolitan metropolis. Today the site is considered a municipal garden, and is filled with random wonders of architecture. 

Off in the distance we could see La Sagrada Familia rising above all of Barcelona (but I'll save its grandiosity for next time). 

The city smog was rolling in hot, and increasingly visible from our vantage point. Far off in the distance we could see the pollution, and yet around us was invariably bright and adorned. 

It's hard to call these colonnades "beautiful" because in the anticipated way, they are not. Mostly, the architecture here was just interesting. In some way it blended into the foliage as if the rocks had just come alive and stacked themselves in the crazy shapes they had become. 

If Gaudí new how to do one thing well, it was make visually engrossing material. 

This most stoic gargoyle-like pigeon also appreciated the architecture. 

After our visit to the park we went along to hunt postcards, which turned into me being distracted by lovely doors, naturally. 

Or the absence of doors, as the case may be.

Eventually we found some postcards to send back home to the fam-bams, but we were not more productive than that, after running on only 2 hours of sleep. We headed back to the hostel way earlier than I would like to admit, and all passed out like death. We didn't even eat dinner, and you must know that means we were really and properly exhausted. 

Have no fear though, we faired far better the next day (after our some 13 hours of sleep). 

Yours, Kenna 

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