October 7, 2014

Plaza de España

When I left you, I was lounging in the lush grass of Parque de María Luisa, reflecting on the wonders of the universe. When I finally changed my course in the parque, I made my way to the famed Plaza de España to marvel at man made wonder. 

The World Fair held in Spain in 1929, known as the Ibero-American Exposition, is the stupendous event that led to the creation of the Plaza de España. I know it was a stupendous event, because anything responsible for the creation of something this incredible must have been one hell of an endevour. 

The entire crafting of the building is spectacular, but the first thing that strikes you as you happen upon the expansive half circle, is the little pond-river that is present within the square. It has to be the most random, fun concept I have ever witnessed within a plaza

Can you not just imagine sitting with your significant other (or S.O. as they are called these days) in a little dingy, singing "Just a boy and a girl in a little canoe..."? If your answer is no, you obviously missed out on the immeasurable fun that is Girls Camp

An exotic, seductively Spanish atmosphere danced through the air around the plaza. As did the children enjoying the strumming and alluring baritone of this señor, nestled into an acoustical inlet of the building. 

I left the señor and the kiddies in the shade and braved my way out into the bright sun. 

Encompassing the center of the plaza are dozens upon dozens of mosaics depicting various scenes of Spain. Each is labeled and in unbelievable detail. 

The images are at once maps, battle scenes, region depictions, and if you are so inclined, a nice bench. 

While these detailed mosaics were fascinating and beautiful, I could not help but be completely taken by these tiled bridges that transverse the moat. Blue and white is most definitely one of my favorite combinations. A nice symbolic touch doesn't hurt either; the four bridges were designed to represent the four ancient kingdoms of Spain. 

There is more than just grandiose architecture to appreciate in the plaza, the people watching is also quite excellent. 

That is, until you venture up stairs where the crowds fade away and you are left alone with only a few other stragglers.

A few steps not only grant you access to towering people watching...

...but they also grant you the best view of the monumental area. 

Eventually the brightly lit plaza became a bit to much for my (sunglass lacking) eyes, so I retreated back into the lush greenery of the park. 

Everywhere you stride throughout the park there are striking colors of greens and fuchsias, set against the bright azul sky.  

You'll see the lovely boat rowing couples from the plaza have also made their way out into the greenery, this time in an ever-so fairytale horse drawn buggy. 

With all the flowers in bloom at your feet, by your side, and even above your head, you must imagine it is a pretty consummate location for a romantic jaunt. 

But even if you don't have a nice chap to stroll with, it is still a photographers paradise (that's the roll I took). 

As you venture further across the park, you'll find the magnificent, though less grandiose, Plaza América. Here there is a bookcase monument dedicated to Rodríguez Marín, a famous spanish literary from the mid 1800s. The idea was once to leave various books on the shelf to share, which really is one of the quaintest, best ideas I've heard. 

The Glorieta de Rodríguez Marín is not the only monument in the huge acreage. I saw so many, and really did wish my Spanish was better so I could properly appreciate them. Aesthetically, at least, I was awed. 

Finally, my stomach began to gurgle and I left my emerald harbor in search of sustenance. 

I successfully used my broken, high school español to order a traditional Andalusian dish, salmorejo. I like to try specialty dishes of the area I visit, a choice I usually don't regret. Let's just say this cold, thick tomato soup, didn't quite hit the spot.

Lucky for me, my hostel, Triana Backpackers, was fully equipped with a kitchen, so I headed back to make myself a proper meal.  

Despite the soup, I only fell more and more in love with Seville as the next few days continued. 

Yours, Kenna


  1. oh wow, this does not look like something in the middle of a city!

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    2. It quite literally feels like you're in your own little oasis!

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