February 16, 2015

Laughter is the Best Medicine

"My life isn't perfect, but it does have perfect moments."

To be fair, you don't need much cheering up while you're galavanting around Europe, living the life. Still, I have been thinking a lot about how exceptionally lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life that can make me laugh until I cry, even when I maybe only want to cry. On top of that, it is only becoming clearer how true it is that we don't always remember the exact details of our lives, but we do remember the moments that made us smile the most. 

When Brooke, Lindsey, and I were in Geneva we did a lot of things, but what I remember most vividly, was the afternoon we spent doing nothing but frolicking through this one incredible and ginormous park (which Google informed me is called the Parc de l'Ariana). 

For some reason, we were all in an especially silly mood that afternoon.

It was a bit like we all reverted to being fifteen again, which actually isn't that uncommon when you get the three of us together. As such juvenile delinquency continued, Brooke may have been almost pushed into a small pond...

...and I may have almost tried to kiss this frog to see if he would turn into Prince Charming. 

Even after a range of 8-20 years of friendship, as we have gotten older, we all have our own lives and busyness going on that mean we don't always talk everyday, like we used to. Though we are thick as thieves the moment we get together, I don't think I realize how much I miss these two until I start reminiscing about all the laughs we have had.

There are few people on Earth I can be more myself with than Brooke and Lindsey.

There were amazing things to see and appreciate in the Parc de l'Ariana.

However, instead of spending the time to appreciate all these unusual and incredible things, these silly girls and I spent our time dashing around the lush greenery and acting like a bunch of crazy hippies.

Hippies and fashion models. There is obviously no in between. 

All sense of reason and maturity vanished when we found a field of wild flowers and had the best idea: flower crowns!

Flower crowns led to grass fights and grass fights led to the kind of uninhibited giggling that only comes in the company of your best friends.

Just thinking back on this one afternoon makes me smile from ear to ear. If just a memory can make me smile, imagine the kind of "medicine" I am given being with these two. And it is not just them, I am fortunate enough to have others to turn to when I need a good laugh: my parents, my sisters, my friends in San Diego.

I have spent many a day with my other best friend turned roommate, Nicole, laughing until our guts ache. Whether it's heartache, school stress, economic turmoil, or any of the other perils of life, there is nothing that a good laugh can't fix; it is rarely complex outings that provide us with them most fun. Similarly to my afternoon in Switzerland where I remember flower crowns more than the grand tourist sites, I remember and am much more elated by dancing around like a goon to Blank Space or making mortifying chin videos, rather than hitting the town for a night out. 

So there it is, my grand, highly medical "cure all": laugh until you cry, or laugh until you're not crying anymore (whatever order is necessary). 

Yours, Kenna

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