August 26, 2013

Coming back

Bad-blogger Kenna here. I've obviously been lax in telling you lovely people my summer stories, so I'm going to consolidate a few adventures, all about a troublesome trio aka myself and my besties, Brooke and Lindsey. 

When you've been friends with someone your whole life, or at least since high school, you expect your friendships to change as you get older. You graduate, go to college, move to new places, meet new people...things do change. If you're lucky, though, some things always stay the same. 

I would have to say that one of the most consistent things in my life is that when Brooke, Lindsey, and I get together, we act like a bunch of silly kids. Despite being a varying 200-500 miles away, not always with consistent contact, the moment we get together, it's the same old jokes and ridiculousness that define our friendship. 

This ridiculousness got extra maximized on two of our summer adventures. 

First, a camping trip. Ohhhh man. We have been planning a camping trip since our Sophomore year in high school. We are now Juniors. In college. Well, to say it took a while is an understatement, but it finally happened. We went with some of Lindsey's family to Bullards Bar. Boat camping is my preferred camping style (because it gives you something to do when it's not marshmallow-eating-time).

Ready for some-more S'mores.

Another one of the things I love about my friendship with the girls, is that they, like me, have a very broad spectrum of activities they enjoy. For example, while we all enjoy going out into the sticks and considering a jump in the lake a good enough shower, we also don't mind hot showers, in a water front beach house, in Laguna. 

Bringing us to adventure #2; welcome to Laguna Beach. Now there are some times where you just need to stop and look around you and really, really appreciate how lucky you are. This was one of those moments. Spending three days sipping San Pellegrinos on a beach a mere 300 feet away from the house you are staying in, is not a regular occurrence for most people. 

Lindsey has family that rents this amazing house on the oceanfront in Laguna. What I really liked about the house, is that even though it's value is immense, it's not assuming. The house is littered with evidence of other families, having made memories in the very same spot you are sitting. There are bits of sand everywhere and the harsh sea air has everything a little weathered. I think the atmosphere of the whole place keeps it humble; it also keeps the lucky people invited there glancing around thinking how privileged they are. 

Over twenty types of sand toys....and this is the result. 

One thing I just adored about Laguna is the trolley system. It's free (I was immediately sold). But more than just being free, it was adorable. Open trolley, singing conductor, beach breezes. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing. We took advantage of the system and trolly-ed ourselves into town a few times for food and shenanigans (that may have involved British accents). 

Great friends. A great trip. A great summer. 

Yours, Kenna 

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