July 30, 2013

An unexpected weekend

When it comes to music, I can hardly chose a favorite band or singer, because I am beyond obsessed with any new music that comes my way. However, there have been a few constants in my iTunes library since I got my first iPod back in the 6th grade. 

1. Jon McLaughin: hands down my favorite singer, who I got to see perform live in December of 2011. (One life-completing experience down.) I doubt I could even begin to pick my favorite of his songs, but here are few songs definitely worth checking out: Beautiful Disaster & Maybe It's Over.

2. Matchbox Twenty: from the time I forced my Dad to play their More Than You Think You Are album over and over again in his truck, Matchbox has been at the top of nearly every playlist I've ever made. Their most recent album, North, came out in 2012, and was just as perfect as all the rest (my personal favorite song is Overjoyed-a beautiful, heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, perfect love song). 

So guess what a new album meant?? A TOUR!!!! Yes, Matchbox Twenty going on tour again means that I got to cross off yet another life-completing experience off my list. Two of my friends from Southern California and I decided last minute to meet up for their concert in Paso Robles last weekend and it was beyond amazing. 

Additionally, my older sister and niece happened to be in Paso that same weekend, so I was able to jump start my spur-of-the-moment-weekend with some bonding time with those two crazy kids. We toured around wine country, visited family members, let my niece ride a horse for the first time, and got caught up after too many months of separation.


After some much needed sister-time, I met up with my friends, Joey and Nicole, for the concert. Needless to say, we were excited. Nicole and I were especially happy-jumping, screaming-level overjoyed (**kudos if you get the reference). Nicole and I share the opinion that Matchbox Twenty is unbeatable in their perfection as a band. Basically, that it is not just the gorgeous and talented lead singer, Rob Thomas, that makes the band great; his solo album proved he is not quite as good on his own. It is a Matchbox Twenty exclusive perfection that leads to our general adoration. And ohhh-boy did they deliver in concert.

We could legitimately, not even begin to contain our excitement.

They played nearly every song I could have hoped for and we sang along to every single one. I never wanted the night to end. The band continued to play well past their expected end time, even getting an encore from the crowd. Eventually, though, it was time for both the band, and us, to go home. 

I parted ways with Nicole and Joey, sad to see them go South, while I had to head home back up North, but grateful to have gotten to see them, if even for a short time. Soon we will all be back in school, making more memories, in the fall. For now the summer continues, as does the motto that helped me achieve such a great weekend, and so many other great experiences this summer: this is my "summer of yes". 

Yours, Kenna 

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