November 4, 2013

Halloween Haunts


Oh my, oh my, once October rolls around I go into holiday-mode straight into the New Year. I pretty much spend each month with an agenda of holiday-related activities that must happen for the season to be complete. October is obviously Halloween month (I'd say it's my favorite holiday, but I'll say that about them all). 

While Halloween may not be the same as back in the day (oh golly do I miss trick-or-treating!), it's can still be quite the bash. For a really great October you need three things: pumpkins, a good scare, and an excessive & unreasonable amount of candy corn. Having a really awesome costume doesn't hurt the festivities either, but we'll get to that. 

The best part of this October was that it was chalk full of great people to share it with. Brooke even made the trek all the way from Nor Cal for some ever-traditional pumpkin carving. 

Later, that very same weekend, I sporadically mobbed up to LA and met up with my big sis for our traditional scare-your-pants-off trip to Universal Studios' Haunted Horror Nights. For those of you who have not heard of this event, here's the basic run down: you are let loose to run around Universal Studios at night as things chase you and you subject yourself to numerous mazes of terror (and try not to pee your pants from a combination of laughing, screaming, and panicking). 

This may not sound like fun to some, but I promise there are few things that can make you laugh harder than a really good scare. Plus that terror around midnight can definitely turn into some pretty hilarious foolery. 

Once the Halloween extravaganzas really revved up in San Diego, it was costume time. 

Every year I get these big ideas of what I want to be: Smurfette, Willy Wonka, Marilyn Monroe, Weeping Angel, etc. The costumes always sound easy and doable in my mind, but no. Usually they come with a struggle or a price tag I can't handle. So this year, post failed plans, I went for the make-up route. Let me just say, SO smart!  

Night one of fun: Pop art character. I just watched a few Youtube tutorials and viola! (And by viola, I mean 2 hours of effort and then eventual success). With the addition of a last minute cheap wig, I was ready to roll! 

Halloween night itself was not exactly well-planned on Rubi and I's part. However, we shared the general desire to just dress up like the creeps we are, and at that, we succeeded. Again, the real beauty of the make-up costume route is you can just throw on any ol' thang, and it works.

Now you think after all that the Halloween season would have been exhausted (considering it was technically over), but oh no. We had one more good night of debauchery left. Keeping with the creepy theme, the fun continued. 

It was a pretty solid and incredibly busy month, in the best way. I'm a little sad that both costume and candy corn season are over, but at the same time, November-appropriate festivities can now commence. Is that pie I smell??? 

Yours, Kenna 

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