October 31, 2013

Just Tonight

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Music is great. Amazing really. Turning on a song can completely change a moment. It can help you escape or, alternatively, allow you to immerse yourself entirely into an emotion. Music is whatever you need it to be; and in this age of unlimited choices, no one can ever tell you what is "right" when it comes to the soundtrack of your own life. Choose from any genre, or choose them all (like I do).

I have a pretty extensive musical appreciation; classical, country, rock-n-roll, pop, alternative-you name it, I'm open to it. You can in no way delegate a whole genre into the "dislike" pile. That's just silly and limiting. This in mind, I always give everything a good listen before judgement, and I thank the universe that I was slightly-obsessed enough with Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen, that I gave her band, The Pretty Reckless, a listen. 

The Pretty Reckless are a little more punk-grunge-hard-rock than a lot of my music collection, but they easily make my personal Top 5 band list. Which is why, this month when the rock-goddess and her band graced San Diego, Rubi and I made sure we were there. 

Like I said, the band is very punk, and Taylor Momsen is pretty much a total bad ass, so Rubi and I obviously had to try to dress the part. In my case try might be the opportive word; I'm not sure bad ass is my go-to style. 

Miss Rubi, on the other hand, is definitely a punk at heart. Which is why, she may have swooned over the opening act, Heaven's Basement. Thank goodness for small concerts where you can actually see the performers and get a meet-and-greet! 

After the openers, The Pretty Reckless came on and totally killed it. They pulled out all the stops: guitar solos, drum solos, provocative dance moves, and lots of hair flipping.  

Plenty of hair flipping occurred in the audience as well. 

By the time the show (with encore) concluded, our ears were thoroughly ringing, in that way that only a great concert can induce. Not in the ow-my-ears way, but the song-in-your-head-on-repeat-that-was-epic way. If you don't understand, get your butt to a good concert ASAP (and don't forget to invite me)! 

If you would like to check out the extraordinaire that is The Pretty Reckless, I cannot recommend them enough. Don't be afraid to breach the boundaries of your preferred music genre! Their first album Light Me Up is great, my favorites being You and Since You're Gone. They also have a new EP out, titled Kill Me, as well as, the single off their new album (which I CANNOT wait for), Going to Hell.

Hope you all enjoy! 

Yours, Kenna 

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