January 28, 2014

Peace out Cali

"I took a road to nowhere on my own...because I left everyone I love at home. I don't want to be alone forever, but I can be alone tonight. I don't want to be alone forever, but I love Gypsy life." -Lady Gaga

The past couple weeks have been crazy. I did a hundred things and ran out of time to do a thousand more. There were so many moments and faces that just flew by. From the last day of our San Francisco weekend to my departure on a new adventure, there hasn't been a second wasted (as long as you don't count marathon Doctor Who-ing as time wasting, which I do not). 

When you live somewhere for so long it becomes easy to take for granted how lucky you are; California is a prime example of this. One weekend, we went to San Francisco to celebrate my Mom's Birthday, explore a castle (see here), visit my Aunty, and explore creepy toy artifacts, all whilst enjoying a mild 65 degree climate.

By the way, I did not mean "creepy toys" jokingly. There is literally a creep game center down by the San Francisco harbor, called MuseĆ© Mecanique. This weird warehouse-style place that is filled with old entertainment items and games, and it is so cool. Which makes it twice the pity that it is closing soon, so if you have the opportunity pop down for a good laugh. And some Mrs. PacMan, I mean right there is reason enough to go. It's hard to find a good PacMan machine!  

There is always so much of San Francisco to see; we spent Sunday of that weekend barely grasping the potential as we wandered. But you can never go wrong with sun and sand right?

The next weekend (spoiled things we are), that sun and sand only got grander; 85 degrees grander, to be exact. Sunny So Cal will rarely let you down. Nor would Aunty Kenna and family let little Emma down on her big 5th. Party time, presents, and sunshine for everyone! 

Oh California you are b-e-a-u-tiful. The only thing I'm going to miss more than you is the people you have. Including new sweet faces, like this little munchkin (my pseudo-baby-sister) who was one very happy, precious moment in a thousand over the last few weeks.

I'll also miss all these crazy kids. Family and friends are the best to have around.

However, sometimes it's time for a new adventure, and you have to part for awhile. You have to go off in search of new places to take advantage of. So her I go: Italy here I come. It's not "goodbye" to California, or anyone there, just "peace out" and "see you soon", because I will. I just have to see more of the world first, and I'll tell you all about it as soon as I do. 

Yours, Kenna

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