January 3, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Well here it is kids, 2014. Prepare to spend the next three months writing 2014. While this scribbly side effect may be a bit unfortunate, you get a whole new year just waiting to be filled with memories, which makes up for a few wasted pieces of paper.

This past year did its job well. I wrote 2012 on all my papers until at least May and tried to fit in as much fun and adventure into 365 days as possible. I would love to post every single photo I have taken this year and relive every single moment. It seems to be a pretty good sign of a great year when you get to the end of it and cannot even begin to narrow down your favorite moments. 

In any case, I've tried. Theoretically (according to the ever wise Miss Jewel), I should have picked twelve photos to sum up my year; but you all know me, never one to keep it short when it comes to pictures. So here's a few more than a few pictures, but still not nearly enough, to sum up some of my favorite memories of 2013:


Everyone may have thought that the "thing" of the year was the Harlem shake, but in reality, it was really the "koala". 

So there you have it, a whole year in just a "few" photos. While they don't sum up what a great year it was, they are a reminder to me of how lucky I am to have made such fantastic memories and friends this past year. 

In a New Year's Eve game my prediction for the year was jokingly, "2014 will be the best year ever!" In retrospect though, I stand by that prediction. This fantastic year past has set me on a course for a year sure to be full of the most exciting adventures yet. With the addition of my New Year's resolution to be a "Yes Woman" (i.e. not let any opportunity pass me by because of laziness, fear, etc.), there is absolutely nothing holding me back from the best year ever. And I wish everyone the same. 

Optimistically yours, Kenna 

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