May 21, 2014

On Hiatus

I wanted to write a blog post that summed up my whole semester abroad. That named all my favorite things (the ones I spent my last week savoring) and express how fortunate I felt to have such great friends in Italy (and now, around the world). But I don't really have the words to express the entirety of my semester. It was too great, too unreal, and went by too fast. I can only say, ciao Firenze (for now-I may even come back with a reminiscent Italy blog in a few months, we all know I have the photo number to do it). 

However, until then, like your favorite tv show that leaves you hanging for 5 weeks just for funsies, I am going on hiatus. It's out into the world for me, with too many adventures to count. I'll leave you with this teaser photo of my current destination, though: 

Yours, Kenna 

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