July 19, 2014

Coming Soon

Over two months ago, when I set out on what I like to call my "Great European Adventure", I had no idea how fast the time would fly by. I should have anticipated that after what a whirlwind studying abroad for a whole semester had been, 51 days would feel like nothing. Still, as I sit here back at home in sunny California, I cannot believe it's all really over. 

Backpacking around Europe had always been a dream of my best friends and I, even with the foreboding peril of packing, so well illustrated by Lorelei and Rori. Nevertheless, we rallied and managed to fit 6 weeks of clothes in our Osprey Porter 46 carry-on size backpacks, and now can basically consider ourselves the most efficient packers on the planet. While the majority of my time traveling was spent with my two best friends from home, Brooke and Lindsey, I started my trip with my amica Bre from school in Italy, and then spent some of it on my own. 

In those few weeks I visited (in a completely non-sensical pattern) 8 countries and 16 cities, took more photos than I can possibly manage (hence while it's slow-blogging these days), and made the most incredible memories of a lifetime. 

It all started in Greece with Bre in tow, then Ireland, where I solo-traveled for a week before meeting up with Brooke & Lindsey in Dublin, where we flew to Barcelona, only to spend a few days before sending them off to Italy while I set off to explore the South of Spain. We met back up again a week later in Geneva, then were off to Paris for a too-short four days, prior to jetting off to Sweden to celebrate Midsommar. Finally, we traveled to Belgium and lastly, England. To say it was all amazing, would be an understatement. 

I can't wait to share every adventure here, and promise to soon, I just have to go through a zillion photos first. 

Yours, Kenna  

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