November 2, 2014

October is Over?

I'm never going to be done blogging about my Europe trip, we can just all accept that. I do, however, want at least to document a few of my memories from this semester, which has been a blast, if busy as heck, hence the struggle to complete my blogs. Jewel suggested I throw in some of the here & now and just go back and forth, and you know, why not? Screw OCD and chronological order. 

So here's a goodbye to October, which is already ending, though how that has happened I don't know. It's still 85ยบ in San Diego, since we don't actually have seasons, but when we headed to Julian for the day it finally felt a little bit less like summer. 

Cheyenne, Annie, Natalie, Max, and I rolled into town around noon, just as the day was livening up, and made our first stop at the Cider Mill.

The place was stocked with any apple flavored delight you could ask for, which we would stock up on before leaving for the day (I splurged for the apple butter). 

While we may have come for the apple products and jolly fall cheer, we stayed because of the mouthwatering BBQ at the Smokehouse Pizza & BBQ

Tender beef sandwich, potato salad, a rib, and enough barbecue sauce to drench it all? Amazing. 

You can tell just how delicious it was by the beautiful faces that were made as we tucked into our sloppy sandwiches. 

That's right, we can still look like little ladies after shoveling barbecue into our faces. 

After lunch Cheyenne and I found ourselves roped into the Witch Creek Winery for a wine tasting. I really wish I would have gotten at least one picture, but you'll just have to trust me when I say the ladies ("witches") are the best. Two sisters who are batty as they come. We loved it and proved it as we walked away with our bottles of hard cider and logo-ed cat wine glasses.

After the wine tasting we got back to the real mission: PIE! 

However, our mission was several-more-times deterred, firstly by this fella, Romeo, here. 

Then some books caught our attention, and if you take five total geeks anywhere, you better know that they're going to have to go into the book store. It's kind of like when you give a mouse a cookie. 

Soon though, even for us, the books were out shined by the real prize of Julian. 

I think when we finally got to the front of a fairly long queue, we had all gone a little pie crazy.

Between the five of us we walked away with four whole pies, and five flavors of slices to share and try. 

I don't think any more evidence than Natalie's face is necessary to convey how delectable it was. 

Though I guess if further explanation is needed, looking at the plates we had to restrain ourselves from licking clean works too. 

Post unbuttoned-pant pie gorging, we said adieu to Julian and headed down the mountain.

And there would be no day-road-trip complete without a little pit stop, so "Hello Ramona!" 

When the theme of your Senior Seminar is "labyrinths" it is pretty much mandatory to visit a corn maze when the opportunity is presented. 

Here's the secret thing we learned in that class: to find your way out of any labyrinth just place your hand on the left wall and follow it and freedom will be yours. 

Well educated college students we are, we deemed it necessary to test the theory by mobbing our way through twists and turns. 

There may have also been some hiding in the corn maze. Who would like to play a game called "Where's Natalie?" 

Or possibly, where's Chey?

The silliness persisted, but eventually we did discover the truth: the left hand rule works! I knew I went to college for a reason. 

The secondary reason for college was also to make friends that sing "Circle of Life" with you while trapped on a boulder, obviously.  

We left the pumpkin patch at sunset, well stocked with our pie and boos, and rolled back for movie night. Not a bad way to end a pretty perfect "fall" day. 

I may love all my travel moments, but it has also been a pretty great semester thus far (as was the summer) so I'll try to throw some more moments at you. 

Yours, Kenna 

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