November 9, 2014

Adios Spain

When it came time for my last day in Spain, I descended (via sketchy bus) from Ronda to the seaside city of Málaga

Even though I knew I was flying to my next destination from Málaga and therefore would have stop there eventually, I somehow had myself convinced I was only rolling in for the morning and not actually spending a day/night there. I was wrong: I had a whole day! 

So with that I booked a quick bed at the Oasis Backpacker's Hostel and went out into the hot sun to make the most of my wholly unplanned day. 

Unknown to some (ie. me) Málaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and like any good native town, they have a very excellent museo for their famed artista

Unfortunately, though not unexpectedly, there was a terse Spanish man forbidding photos within the museum. I am not the greatest Picasso enthusiast, preferring more impressionist art myself, but I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the museum and its enormous collection of work. I think my favorite was the video of Picasso painting simple line figures, which, with a little Google-search, I found on the internet! If you would like to see the creative master painting, click here

After a few hours wandering the museum I forged my way back out into the streets of the city. 

Málaga is fairly easy to navigate, especially once you orientate yourself to the azure bay. 

I didn't spend long enough in this fair city to really get a grasp on all of it, but from my day rambling through the narrow streets and wide plazas, I gathered that it is an exceptionally eclectic center. 

Modern art, historic temples, shopping, tapas bars, it has a little bit of everything. 

When I sauntered into one particularly large plaza I found a delightful bakery that offered upstairs patio seating. 

It was the perfect perch for reading, sipping a café, eating some kind of sinful chocolate pastry, and wrapping up my Hemingway novel. 

At one point, there was even a flashmob/dance routine fundraiser occurring in the square as quite the spectacle. 

After my pastry break, it seemed that in typical Spanish form, the whole little city took a siesta, so I decided to traipse a bit more then head back to the hostel and do the same. 

While hanging out at the hostel I met a variety of entertaining people, which is really the best thing about staying in a room full of strangers. One of the other girls in the dorm, Elen, was also traveling alone, so we decided to grab dinner together. While she insisted that her English wasn't the best (it was nearly perfect, as was her Spanish), I assured her it was far better than my French. 

We had a hoard of tapas for dinner, and topped it off with wine, desserts, and a viewing of the World Cup (and maybe the sexy Spanish men), the talk of the town at the time.

It may have been a short, quick day in Málaga, but it was the best way to end my weeks in España

Is there anything better than sugar and new friends? 

Yours, Kenna

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