January 25, 2015

Where to Start?

When you don't blog for over two months and are already eons behind on sharing your adventures, it is really difficult to know where to start. I had a New Year's post plan, but well that didn't really pan out. The New Year didn't feel new enough.

So here, instead, is my I'm-back-in-San-Diego-and-I-Have-No-Idea-What-I'm-Doing-With-My-Life post, which is basically as new as it gets for me. I have officially finished my undergraduate career and have a shiny new degree (it's coming in the mail eventually, or so I'm told). I also have all the new freedom to figure out what I'm going to do next, feel free to give me suggestions. It's not that I don't have any ideas, I just have too many and a lot of different directions. I am feeling a bit like Alice, not knowing which sign to follow. 

That said, I am still thrilled to be back in San Diego and it is kind of exciting to not have a real plan for the first time ever. Along with my life changes I have a few new ideas for the ol'blog. I still want to continue with the never ending Euro-trip, but I also have all kinds of California life moments to share. Plus who would like a little Kenna-advice? That may be coming, so be prepared to be mislead. You can blame those who told me that some of my pearls of sarcastic wisdom could be acceptable on the internet. Hopefully I can at least be more consistent writing more than once every other month. 

I guess I'll keep this one short and sweet so I can brainstorm posts that aren't me blathering on about my life dilemmas.

Thanks for listening! xoxo 

Yours, Kenna 

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