March 25, 2015

Being infected by an Airborne Toxic Event

To begin, it is important that you fall madly, deeply, forever in love with the incredible band The Airborne Toxic Event immediately. The quickest way to make that happen is to click below and listen to the best song ever (I don't exaggerate): 

Alright, now that we're all on the same page that these kids are musical prodigies/geniuses/gods, I can make you incredibly jealous by revealing that after years of unfortunate timing causing me to miss their concerts, last night Nicole and I got to attend their Dope Machines Tour.  

The jubilee for this event was above and beyond, even though we only remembered to take a quick, derpy snap to prove it.

We attended the event at the San Diego House of Blues, which is still one of my favorite venues. If y'all remember, I also saw my other, other favorite band, The Pretty Reckless, there a few years ago. I also have no shame in mentioning that Nicole and I also got to see Jesse McCartney there in the fall. There is no limit to the variety in my music taste. 

The concert was due to start at 9:00, but they left us waiting in anticipation with this beating heart a bit longer. The best part of the wait, however, was when they decided to distract us with the world's longest (most wonderful) song, Bohemian Rhapsody, which the whole crowd sang in a jubilant harmony. 

Then, finally, the moment came. Nicole wasn't excited at all. 

Since this was a quick release tour for their newest album, they began the set by playing the entirety of the new album. Please utilize the handy widget below to experience it, because it is, unsurprisingly, stupendous. 

The band had a visual element to accompany each of the melodies on the new album. 

"Feels like my head is made moonshine and cheap-ass wine. 
My best friend told me I should just stop looking for a sign."

"So okay, you told me it was just a one time thing, a spark on gasoline. So what could I say? If you tell me it don't mean a thing, yeah. Somebody told me you were like a machine and so damn mean. 

My mind's falling to pieces every time I try to jump up on this trampoline. Why don't you tell me what you mean?" 

"I see it in your eyes, I feel it in my bones, you coming out tonight? We gonna end up alone? Just so I could pretend I was only joking. 

We got our eyes on screens, all of these dope machines. Isn't it funny how the feel so much like dreams?" 

"And it's time to be a man. Tell me how does that go? 
What the hell are you waiting for? The whole world is at your door." 

After the Dope Machines set list ended the lights turned up and we could finally see the band in their full glory. 

They may be under the "alternative" genre, but the enthusiasm they play with is nothing but pure rock & roll. 

Just look at Mikel (Mr. Lead Singer) jam on his snazzy guitar. 

Though nothing makes their sound more unique than Anna's badass violin playing, proving that the classical instrument should not be exclusively used in a symphony. 

We could have listened to them for many hours longer, but after a three song encore the band bowed out. 

But if they thought that would get rid of us, they were oh so wrong! We loitered outside of the House of Blues exit until the band was forced to take pictures with all their die hard fans. And by forced I mean generously and congenially chat with everyone and be really awesome fellows. 

The drummer: Daren Taylor. 

Guitar/keyboardist: Steven Chen. 

Bassist: Adrián Rodríguez. 

To say it was a wonderful night and a magnificent concert would be an understatement. Until next time Airborne Toxic Event, and there will be a next time, because we are infected! 

Yours, Kenna

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