July 1, 2015

C'est la vie

What I would give to be in Paris walking along the Seine at this moment...probably the same thing I would give to actually have finished editing all my photos and be talking about this summer and not the last. Then again, why would I want to give up reliving the memories of the most dazzling adventure I've had to date. 

Recalling my memories from Paris is like slipping into a black and white movie; everything is far away and as if from another time. It's an image of a life that I could not have possibly lived. 

It was not me and my beautiful friends strolling along the river beneath a cloudy sunset, surely it was elegant actresses, just off the set of Funny Face, gossiping about how divine Audrey Hepburn is. 

Amazingly enough, though, the photos prove it, it was three silly California girls that walked by the rivers edge. 

While I doubt many would support the case, I guess you could call us elegant, though never graceful (I don't remember the exact scenario, but am willing to bet at least one of us nearly tumbled into that dark water). 

The romantic nostalgia of a Paris from another age was broken up as we happened upon a contemporary, hipster-esc set up, featuring chalk art, ping pong, a bluetooth speaker, and other novelties. 

Had we been able to get our single phone to hook up to the bluetooth we could have broken out some undoubtably graceless dance moves under this groovy disco ball. That technology fumble may have saved us a great deal of shame. 

As the sun disappeared further behind the monumental buildings of Paris, we made it back to our amour, the Eiffel Tower, easily slipping back into that nostalgia of another era.   

Getting up close and personal with the fine fellow this time, we were able to appreciate the insane detail of an icon built over 125 years prior.  

Before our dinner feast began, we took the time to have a photo op' with the handsome figure, looking ever more like tourists, which of course, we were. 

For this particular French meal, it could be argued we were both very wise and very foolish. We had taken a trip to the grocery store to gather supplies for an Eiffel Tower dinner picnic. Our wise choice was the variety of cured meats, cheese, and baguette we had purchased. 

Our foolish choice was the Ratafia Demoiselle Vranken we had chosen. Naively looking at the packaging as similar to a champagne bottle and being excited by the 18% alcohol content, we blindly picked up what was absolutely not champagne or even any kind of sparkling wine. Rather, we managed to buy what we discovered was "raisin liqueur". Let's just say Lindsey and I channeled are college days of party shots to get through that bottle. 

Eventually we were saved from arguably the most disgusting beverage we had ever consumed by panhandling men, who won us over with a need to enjoy the dancing lights of the monument with a glass (fancy plastic cup) of champagne. 

Under the Eiffel Tower and a glorious sunset we sipped our over priced bubbly, and laughed at ourselves for being so vacuous. We munched on our pain et du fromage, wishing that we could just live on baguettes forever; who needs anything more than wine, cheese, bread, and fantastic friends? 

I am simply privileged every time I look at pictures, blog, or reread my posts of months past to have the opportunity to relive my fantasy-life-turned-reality. Thank you for letting me endlessly share these fair memories. 

Yours, Kenna 

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