July 27, 2015

Cheese: the glue of friendship

It may be many years of friendship (Brooke: 21 years, Lindsey 8 years, Nicole: 4 years) that have bonded me to my best friends. It may be our shared memories, like high school shenanigans and malicious mischief with Brooke and Lindsey, or the past summer we spent backpacking Europe. Nicole and I's college memories of freshman dorm debauchery, road trips, and an 18 hour day at Disneyland probably did a pretty good job of solidifying our bestie status.

However, in all those collective years of amity, my college best friend and my high school best friends never really came together. There was only one thing that could bond my lovely ladies together after all this time: ooey gooey melted cheese. 

The day after Nicole and I's graduation commencement ceremony, after our family members had fled San Diego, Brooke and Lindsey arrived to our humble abode. I had desperately been missing them, and between dealing with life & my post grad crisis, I was all too willing to bribe them with the promise of wine & cheese to come spend the weekend with me. 

I've never known Brooke or Lindsey to turn down free food, and by Saturday evening, I had three of my favorite people on the planet gathered around a steaming pot of molten cheese.  

After having read my previous cheese obsessed posts (like Melting Pot girl dates, post-night sledding Swiss fondue, Swiss fondue round two, and the better-than-sex Swiss mac & cheese...god I need to go back to Switzerland...) and knowing me all too well, for my birthday this year my Grandma was a sweetie, as well as, an enabler of my cheese addiction, and got me a very swanky fondue set.  

While I tried to do Grandma proud and start out our evening with a neatly set table and elegant dinner, my best friends are children, and the inevitable fondue fork (sword) fights soon began. 

After consuming roughly a pound of cheese, we moved on to chocolate, just to be sure that we consumed enough excess calories to dance off later that evening. 

Thanks to Lindsey, my trusty sous chef (chocolate stirrer), we soon had a delectable pot of bubbling chocolate. 

We also had a tray of marshmallows that quickly turned into ammunition for a pelting war (again, they we are children).

Really, with the addition of chocolate and another bottle of wine, all civility and any residual shyness between the four of us was dissolved.  

After far too much cheese & chocolate and just the right amount of wine, we rallied and refrained from our manic giggling just long enough to dress up like pretty ladies.

Our composure, per usual, did not last long and by the time we went to take some pictures we were in silly gut-busting hysterics. 

The upside to our spontaneous ridiculousness is that it was captured in a series of the most amusing pictures we may have ever taken. 

We went out to downtown San Diego that night to have what I will just say was quite a time, with highlights such as falling twice on the same curb, mechanical bulls, and a hidden door. 

The next morning we all woke with one need: food (because we surely hadn't eaten enough the night before). The four of us, now being undeniably well acquainted after a first aid trip to a bathroom in an underground club, dragged our groggy butts out of bed and to the best brunch on the planet at Snooze, an AM Eatery (a name that is luckily a lie since we probably didn't get there until 1 pm). 

By the time we left the restaurant we had initiated Nicole to the Clean Plate Club and all felt extremely fat & happy (fine, and tbh, a little less hungover). 

In a age where social media is dominated by #squadgoals, I feel pretty lucky I was able to merge my friends together so well. I like to believe that even Taylor Swift, queen of the "squad" life, would thoroughly approve of a night out & sleepover dominated by the consumption of cheese & chocolate and feeling "happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way"

Yours, Kenna 

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