July 24, 2013

Fairytales come alive

"So this is love...mmmhmmhmm...So this love...So this is what makes life divine...." Now this sounds a little better than your common wedding march, now doesn't it? 

Recently a friend of mine, whom I've quite literally known my whole, got married. Though we've spent several years out of touch, going to her wedding immediately reminded me all that we have in common and why she has always been one of my favorite people. 

The kids and I got all dolled up for the occasion. I personally enjoyed the chance to bust out the ol' heels and get a little fancy. 

"I'm a bird!"

The theme of the wedding was Disney meshed with a little 50s style. It was simple, sweet, and perfect. The ceremony took place outside, with the guests scattered around the "aisle". I saw many looks of concern when the crowd realized it would be a standing ceremony, but they kept it short and sweet. Not a problem for anyone.

Being that the wedding took place in July of the very hot Chico summer, we were all a little perplexed by the date choice. However, true to form, there was indeed a very romantic and Disney-themed explanation. July 13th turned out to not only be a beautiful summer day for a wedding, but also the anniversary date of Walt Disney and his wife, Lillian. Too cute, right?  

This was not the only Disney magic mixed into the ceremony, as the vows continued there were fragments of movie quotes like "a whole new world", "the Beast to her Beauty", etc. Seriously, these two crazy kids had my heart melting (but then again I am also a Disney nut, so they were appealing to a good audience). 

After the ceremony we walked into the reception hall which was simple, but creatively and adorably decorated. The bride made the majority of the decorations herself, and did such a lovely job. The whole thing was darling. 

We ate, toasted the bride and groom, watched them eat cake (finding some pieces for ourselves as well), and danced the rest of the evening away. 

Someone did not apprectiate having cake shoved in her face. This boy got himself a fiesty one. Good luck! 

Getting in the groove and ready to put on her dancing shoes!

It's rare that we see two people together, especially so young, that seem so right together. Best friends from the start, Dusty & Tiffany seem to have really got it right. I wish them all the best in having found their "happily ever after".

Yours, Kenna

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