July 11, 2013

Tree climbing and other shenanigans

If you are not at least slightly inclined to enjoy the outdoors, I do not suggest you visit the Oregon coast. Trees, beaches, rocky coastlines, wildlife, all things outdoor-recreational; these are the kinds of things you find along the western coast (that is until you hit mid-Cali, then it is an entirely different story). 

Prior to actually moving to a city, I called myself a city-girl. Post-move however, it became apparent that while I love living in a big city, I am still, as my mom would say, a "country bumpkin." I like being among tall trees, out in the mountains, camping, exploring, playing with wild critters, and most of all, tree climbing. 

Now I cannot say my tree climbing and exploring skills are top notch, but my adventuring spirit is there and you can bet if I see a proper tree for climbing I'll be up it. Oregon has a lot of trees. 

We went on a walk along the coast our first night back in Coos Bay, and Jewel & I thoroughly enjoyed the foliage. 

After our forest expedition we went to the bay for some craving-satisfying clam chowder (the coast without chowder would just be a crime) and a pretty spectacular view. 

This bad boy made me miss my sailing class on so many levels! 

Can you guess what we did on day four of our little trip? I bet you can...more nature time! Right near Coos Bay is a state park called Shore Acres. The area was formerly an estate, once upon a time. Prior to not one, but two, unfortunate fires, on the high cliff sat a grand Gatsby-style entertaining mansion. Though this area was tragically lost, the truly spectacular gardens were saved, as well as the original garden house, and these alone are well worth the trip. 

The garden is home to hundreds of exotic plants, like this beauty, looking like it was just pulled off the set of Jurassic Park. 

Lucky for our restless spirits, the grounds lead directly to a plunging coastline and more exploring.

Freaking Dora the Explorer here lead us into the abyss   

Hilariously,  Jewel spent about 5 minutes stuck on the tree.  

All climbing efforts were eventually successful

Now don't you worry kids, no one fell out of the tree(s). Due to this survival rate, this was not in fact our last adventure of the day. Oregon is not over yet! 

Until next time... 

Yours, Kenna 

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