October 21, 2013

Closing a distance

Once upon a time, there were two princesses, named Kenna and Jewel. These girls were sisters, 5 years apart in age. Both were strong willed (stubborn) young ladies, and for many years this caused quite a conflict. There was always feuding in the kingdom amongst the young royals. They fought over everything, from territory (bathroom shelves) to the most valuable commodities in the realm (make-up vs. toys). Many feared, especially the King and Queen, that the feud would never end. 

Then something strange occurred: they princesses began to laugh together. The two girls, who once had nothing in common, now found themselves having similar interests. They could do things together and share their passions. Books could be traded, music tastes expanded, and even clothes exchanged. 

Their shared childhood finally became conceivable as a shared past; a past that had molded them into like-minded young women. Both determined, a little ridiculous, contemplative, and with a inclination toward manic giggling. And even those traits that had once made them so incompatible, now brought them closer, allowing them to learn from one another and grow.

They had always been sisters, but now Kenna and Jewel were finally friends.

With peace across the realm, the girls enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together, making memories and laughing until the point of literal tears. One such weekend of merry-making was held across Southern California, the domain which Kenna was currently ruling. They spent their time highly caffeinated and indulging in all their favorite things.  

The extravaganza began in Little Italy, with a necessity for coffee and pastries.

By the evening, it was time for the royolty to be entertained with a little theater. And what better place than at the Old Globe in Balboa Park? Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet had always been a favorite of both young ladies, and The Last Goodbye, a musical adaptation of the play, based around music by Jeff Buckley, was the perfect entertainment for the evening.  

After the excellent play, and a more subversive live viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a few hours of sleep were welcomed, before an all day excursion at the Happiest Place in the Kingdom: DISNEYLAND!!! 

Minnie Mouse ears were successfully acquired. 

Disneyland was a good opportunity for the young royals to check up on one of their many castles. 

After a long, perfect day, Jewel and Kenna finally headed home for a much needed, though not long enough, sleep. The next morning was spent lounging on the beach attempting to regain their energy, before sending the lovely Miss Jewel back to her royal domain in the north. 

Until their next adventure together, the pair continue to live happily ever after, and with the handy dandy invention of cell phones, there is never more than physical distance between them these days. 

Yours, Princess Kenna 

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